Advance Surgical - Megadyne

Key Health Solutions are the Service arm of Advance Surgical Ltd in the UK.


We provide field, workshop, PPM and repair services for the Megadyne range of electrosurgery and smoke evacuation systems.


Mega Power Electrosurgery

The intuitive design and user-friendly set-up of the Mega Power Electrosurgical Generator allows your surgical team to hit the ground running. The confusion and frustration associated with previous generators are a thing of the past. Surgical teams have been asking for a generator that is simple, intuitive to use, and easy to set-up.




Smoke Evacuation

Protecting you and your patient from the hazards of electrosurgical smoke plumes is easy, quiet and comfortable with the Mega Vac smoke evacuator system.


Variable Levels of Suction-turning on and off when the surgeon activates and deactivates the electrosurgical pencil based upon the surgeon's discretion.


Use -Time Monitoring-saving filter expense by letting the user know precisely when to change the filter.


Create effective suction with less noise during electrosurgical procedures.


Ultra Vac Pencil and Attacha Vac Pencil Shroud allow Surgeons to easily capture smoke while comfortably performing surgery.


Further details on Advance Surgical products can be found by contacting Key Health Solutions your UK distributor at:


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or call 08700 420735

where our sales representative will be pleased to discuss your requirements or arrange a demonstration.